Harvey Myers

My passion is to solve problems. My consulting is driven to improve the bottom line through improved productivity, customer service, and improved leadership. My method is to improve employee satisfaction.

Real-life IT Business Analyst, Project Manager, CIO, Developer, Franchisee, Operations Manager who redesigns business. I am looking for exciting opportunities to help businesses grow. I can be an employee or a consultant. I am also interested in the correct equity positions, too.

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Project Management

Best practices, Project Management Processes, and sample documents

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Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement processes, business analysis technics, accounting formulae and sample documents.

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Management and Team Building

Management skills, team building ideas, book recommendations, and tips.

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My favorite quotes, ideas, and articles on leadership, projects, entrepreneurship, and business.

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Photos that I have taken.

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Volunteer Work

A passion of mine.

If not this, what?

If not now, when?

If not me, who?

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